Is Luxury Apartment Living for You?

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Years ago living in an apartment might have been an inconvenience for young couples or growing families. But in today’s hectic, overloaded, chaotic world–living in an apartment has never been more affordable–or a better way to improve your overall quality of life! Below are some amazing reasons why living in an apartment in New York City or on Long Island could be just perfect for you!

Lazy Days
Are you the type of person who hates yard work? (Don’t we all!?). How about shoveling snow, or cleaning the pool? These are all tasks you can kiss goodbye while living in an apartment. Most well-run luxury apartment complexes (like Heatherwood) have top-notch maintenance staffs to perfectly manicure and maintain the grounds that surround the community. Plus, if you ever have a problem with an appliance, heat or plumbing in your apartment, a quick call to a maintenance engineer takes care of it all…and it’s free

Fast Friends
Apartment living gives you and your family the opportunity to make friends with people almost instantly! Sharing common spaces like the gym, laundry pavilions, community centers and pools helps (even the most introverted among us) interact and become friendly with the other apartment dwellers in the community. Some folks actually enjoy the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. Like helping your neighbors with his/her groceries, can really give you a feeling of satisfaction-making living in an apartment even more rewarding!

Live Large, or Small
Ever find yourself being overwhelmed by “too much stuff?” Well, living in an apartment can help you simplify your life and put an end to the never ending collection of things you just don’t need! Plus, less stuff means–less to clean!

Safety First
These days the majority of apartment complexes on Long Island are gated communities. And apartment buildings in Brooklyn or Long Island City usually have full concierge services or electronic key pad access. Having these extra protections in place ensures a safe atmosphere for all its residents. Also, having a community that keeps track of people as they come-and-go can help give you peace of mind and make you feel more secure.

On the Move
Imagine you’ve just been offered your dream job in another state. If you were tied to a mortgage, or owned a property that you just couldn’t sell, you may have to pass that offer up! Or maybe you’re the type of person who likes to live in different cities or move to different climates year after year. Well, living in an apartment gives you the flexibility of being able to travel, explore and experience life on your terms! The only worry you’ll have is staying to the end of your current lease agreement…, the rest is up to you!

There are so many more reasons–we haven’t listed–that make living in an apartment the right choice for you! Whether you’re a single, a couple or a small family living in an apartment makes more sense than you think! Give Heatherwood a call or visit our specials page for more information.

4 thoughts on “Is Luxury Apartment Living for You?

  1. Thanks for this list. I am now planning to live in a luxury apartment. I now think that it’s for me. I am now looking up some agents to help me find the perfect luxury apartment.

  2. It’s awesome that many luxury apartments like you stated, have amazing maintenance staffs that help take care of everything from snow removal, to grass cutting. I would love to get into one in the future with a huge gym and crystal clear pool. I will remember the benefits of this if I ever do decide to get one!

  3. You make a good point about how apartment living is perfect for people who are on the go and may not have a stable work life. Personally, I never know when I will be required to change locations for my job. This is why living in apartments is preferred right now.


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