5 Foolproof Ways to Sharing a Small Space with your Pets!

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A pet can be a great source of love and companionship but they can also be a cause of frustration too. Heatherwood Luxury Rentals has some foolproof ways to help you (and your neighbors) cope with the addition of a pet to your apartment and your apartment complex.

Choose the Right Breed for your Apartment

Some breeds of dogs (or cats) are simply perfect for apartment living…other breeds? Not so much. So make sure you choose the type of companion that likes to be indoors, and not the kind that need too much walking or outside activity. Some breeds have been specifically bred for indoor apartment living. So if you don’t have a dog (or cat) yet, but you are looking to bring one into your home or apartment our advice to you is…do your research! Learn more about what it will take to care for certain varieties of dogs or cats. Learn about their personality traits. Decide how much space they will need to feel comfortable…and so on. For example, some pets do very well in New York City apartments and some are better suited for country-club-style apartment living. Be sure to choose your newest family member carefully so you get the best results. Bonus Tip: Consider adoption. Adoption is a money saver and a great way to help save a life.

Landlords have Laws Too

Maybe you moved into your apartment a year or so ago and now that your settled-in, you think it may be time to get that pet you (or your kids) have always dreamed of. Well, don’t forget to speak to your landlord or leasing company first! There are usually breed and weight restrictions that vary from complex to complex. You want to make sure you adopt the right pet before he or she moves in. It would be very disappointing to fall in love with your new four legged friend only to find out that they can’t be with you for the rest of your stay. Simply check with your landlord or review your lease agreement before adopting that pet.

Thank you for being a Friend

No matter the breed or choice of pet you decide to adopt remember…everyone needs love! Be sure to make time each day to spend with your dog or cat. Even if you work full time remember to set aside 2 to 3 times each day; to walk, brush, or play with your pet so they get the exercise they need and the attention they crave. This will help them stay happy and healthy! Bonus Tip: In the case of a dog, try walking them around your apartment complex later in the evening. This will help tire that puppy out! By doing this simple trick you can help create a sound-nights-sleep for you and your neighbors.


The Chew

Dogs or Cats love to play and chew on everything! So while you’re at work (or out on the weekends), don’t leave them alone without anything to do. Make sure you outfit them with a small bowl of food, fresh water and plenty of toys to play with. Cats love a scratch pad or claw sharpener to help bide their time. Doing this will keep your pets occupied and it will also cut down on noise or unwanted activity (like barking, meowing, or-worse, chewing on your dining rooms chairs!) Bonus Tip: If you have a dog or cat that sheds, make sure to invest in a great dust-buster or vacuum to help keep your apartment clean and comfortable.

Good Neighbors

Other residents’ pets can sometimes be a bother, especially if you’re not a pet person. So just how does one deal with a dog barking in the next door apartment? Or, how should someone cope with a cat’s meow at midnight? Some simple solutions might be; 1) Foam earplugs! These items (which can be found at any CVS or Rite Aid) work great! They help drown out noises and distractions and can help you get a good night’s sleep. 2) You can politely ask your neighbor to walk their dog earlier (or later) in the evening if it conflicts with your relaxation time.

Or, 3) Offer to walk their dog for them, or place a saucer of fresh milk out for their cat while they’re at work. This will help cut down on the pets’ desire for attention or their hunger pains. If the problem persists, you may look to the landlord for some advice. Who knows, you may even become a pet lover yourself!

As mentioned previously, rules and regulations regarding pets vary from apartment complex to apartment complex. They also differ by location as well. New York City apartments have much different restrictions than Long Island apartments for rent. Be sure to check your lease agreement before you move in, or call Heatherwood Luxury Rentals at 631-775-2290 to find out more.

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