6 Ways to Furnish a New Apartment…Affordably!

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You did it! You found your new apartment; you’ve signed the lease and are ready to move in! But wait—in all the excitement you realize—you do not have a stitch of furniture to bring to your new place. And as for your budget…that’s all but gone too. So, here are a few tips that’ll help you furnish your new apartment fast…and on the cheap!

Get the Word Out!

Grab your smartphone, cue up all your social media accounts and start posting! Tell everyone you know that you are on-the-hunt for some furniture to fill your new apartment. Friends, family—and even strangers—are always willing to help out. Believe me some folks just can’t wait to part with an old chair or couch to help free up space in their garage or basement. Take advantage of these free offers while they’re hot.

Flea Market Flip

Hit up the classified section of the newspaper or search the web for random Flea Markets in your area. Flea Markets are great places to pick up tables, chairs, sofas and so much more! And, if you’re great at haggling prices, a Flea Market is the perfect place to furnish your entire apartment affordably.

Aisle 22, Slot 5

We know the intention of this post was to give you advice on how to furnish your apartment without spending a ton of dough. But IKEA is a “discount furniture” store and if all else fails, and you can scrape up enough cash, you can furnish your apartment in just one trip! And the best part is IKEA has a delivery service that will bring everything straight to your door for one low price.


Let’s be clear, this is not a dumpster dive! But, some great deals can be had if you know when and where to look! A little research will help you find out the trash pick-up days in your area. All you need now is a friend, a van and a-couple-cups of coffee and you’re off on your own little treasure hunt! It’s rare, but some fantastic items can be found right there on the street. As they say…”timing is everything.”

If it’s Free, it’s for me!

The only thing better that finding an inexpensive item is to find something that’s free! The places listed here can be great resources to find free furniture for your apartment. If you can haul it away…it’s yours! Check out www.freecycle.org, the “free” section of www.craigslist.org, or http://forsale.oodle.com/free-merchandise/new-york-area/.

Bonus Tip:

Furniture stores sometimes toss-out clearance items or even damaged goods from time to time. Simply grab your phone and start calling the stores in the area and inquiring about items just like this! The store may even set an item or two aside for you (if you say “pretty please”).
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