Entertaining for the Holidays in your Apartment in Five Easy Steps!

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It’s that special time of year…good food, gifts, cookies, holiday cheer and…an endless stream of guests!! But just because you live in a Long Island apartment or NYC luxury rental, that doesn’t mean there’s no room to host a family get-together or a holiday party with friends. Below are some great tips for entertaining for the holidays in your apartment.

Step #1: Let’s Move It

The first step toward a successful party is having enough room for people to stretch out. Prepare by moving small furniture, or “clutter” items into a bedroom or spare closet. When moved; magazine racks, portable TV stands, bikes (for you NYC apartment dwellers) or large floor plants can really help free-up-space so folks can socialize more comfortably.

Step #2: Turn Down the Heat

Although it may be winter and the air outside is cool, the interior of your apartment can get real-steamy, real-quick. Here are a few ideas; try not to cook anything in the oven (doing this will almost certainly heat-up the apartment). Serve sandwiches and finger foods; your guests will be just as pleased with the menu as you will. Another tip, (which sounds crazy) is to kick-on the air conditioner before people arrive to help get the temperature in your apartment just right.

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perfectly set table decorated for the holidaysStep #3: Spread out…the Spread!

It’s a fact, party guests tend to congregate around food! It’s normal, but it can also be a burden if everyone is hovering around one table or one countertop. Here’s a thought: spread serving dishes and snacking bowls on all the surfaces around your apartment. The tops of large speakers, end tables, or any other sturdy surface can become a place for your hors d’oeuvres. Dress them up with party favors or placemats so everyone knows its ok to grab-and-go!

Step #4: Breaking [is] bad!

Although you may want to whip-out those new wine glasses you received for your anniversary, it’s probably a good idea to serve drinks in plastic tumblers or cups. Nothing can bring a party to a halt quicker than a broken wine glass or beer stein. Plus, plastic drink holders can be decorated with things like; the date of the party, a person’s name or funny holiday sayings, quotes or jokes.

Step #5: Expect the Unexpected

First thing you’ll have to realize is…”nothing is perfect.” Remember, it’s okay if during the party something gets jarred out of place, an unexpected guest arrives or coats and pocketbooks take over your bedroom! Prepare yourself-before the party begins– to just have a good time and go-with-the-flow.

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