Winter Heating Hacks for Apartment Dwellers!

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Cold weather got you down? Need a boost of heat to set you right? Heatherwood has some great winter heating hacks to help you get through winter.

Now you’re cooking

On those cold winter nights when the thermometer doesn't have your best interests in mind…you can still beat that chill back by baking something yummy in your oven! The residual heat your oven provides while baking (and directly after) will definitely help heat-up your apartment! And, as for those the baked goods, whether its fresh baked bread or cookies, they’ll always make you feel warm inside. (This hack is meant only for when you are actually baking or cooking something in the oven, we are NOT suggesting to open your oven or simply turn it on with the intent of heating your home, this is UNSAFE and is not a recommended use of your oven or stove top)

Hip Hop, Ab-riffic, Insane Dance, Body Meltdown

Breaking a sweat with that new workout DVD you just received is a great way to stay warm and lose those extra pounds (you put on with those cookies you just baked). Even though Heatherwood Luxury Rentals provides fitness centers for its residents, your living room (or bedroom) can also provide the perfect place to work out to your favorite DVD or cardio-dance/workout-video. Bonus: Kids who are feeling the chill and need to burn off some steam while stuck inside will love this idea too.

Let the Sunshine In

The sun is the most productive source of heat we have in our universe –so why not use this free and natural form of heat to your advantage! During the day, open the curtains in your apartment and let the sunshine in! The suns’ rays will help warm the living areas in your apartment just enough so you can turn the heat down a notch or two. And don’t forget when the sun goes down in the evening close the curtains to cover the windows again. Doing this, will help retain the warmth you captured during the day and help keep your rooms warm at night.

Lay it down!

Although most Heatherwood apartments are carpeted for your comfort, there are many areas in your rental that need some cozying up. That’s why, in the cold winter months, it’s a good idea to use “area-rugs” or “throw-carpeting” to help keep the uncarpeted areas warm and comfortable to the touch. You’ll keep the cold air from radiating-from the ground-into your apartment as well as keeping your feet warm while you walk around inside.

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