Top 5 Reasons why Renting an Apartment Is Better than Owning a Home

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For some people owning a home is heaven, for some…its torture! Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why renting an apartment on Long Island or in NYC is considerably better than owning a home.

“The Grass is always Greener:” Never has this proverb rung more true than while you’re living in an apartment complex. Residents who live in apartment complexes never have to push a mower, trim a hedge or move a sprinkler around a yard. While most homeowners spend their precious weekends—watering, cutting, trimming & fertilizing—you’ll be enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass, the sight of rolling green meadows or the shade under perfectly manicured trees. Living in an apartment means enjoying the beauty of nature…without ever having to break a sweat.

“City, No Limits:” Do you like the charm and appeal of city life? Does living in an area full of bustling nightlife, unique restaurants and diverse cultures get your heart pounding? Then renting an apartment in Brooklyn or Queens may be right for you! City living also affords you other View from the Brooklyn Bridgeopportunities like; meeting new people, museum hopping, taking in concerts, Broadway shows or simply sightseeing. All of these things, while living in Queens or Brooklyn, can be found right outside your door!

“On the Move:” Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy living in different towns, countries or cities? If so, renting an apartment can be perfect for you! Apartment living provides you “flexibility” and caters to your get-up-and-go lifestyle. Think of it…at the end of your lease if you’re bored with your location, you can simply find a new place to live! Try doing that with a house and a mortgage. And with over 20 Heatherwood locations, you can live in a different town on Long Island, Long Island City or Brooklyn as often as your lease begins and ends. Plus, you’ll receive the same great amenities and service you are used to from one location to another.

“Maintenance Works:” Do you know what to do if your toilet breaks? Or what if the hinges on your closet doors come loose? It’s simple! Just pick up the phone and call the maintenance team. Living in an apartment provides you with the peace of mind of never having to grab your tool box and take on a repair project you know nothing about. There are only a few things you need to know about maintenance and repairs while living in an apartment complex…your supervisor's name and the maintenance departments’ phone number or email. Now go back on the couch and relax…you’re in good hands.

“Quality of Life:” Owning a home comes with so many amenities that you have to pay extra for…let’s see there’s a gym membership, in-ground pool construction and maintenance, a billiards or ping pong table to move into your basement and so many other “money draining” extras you can never plan for. But, living in an apartment building in NYC or on Long Island comes with add-ons and amenities (in most cases) that are included with your monthly rent like; pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, lounges, playgrounds and so much more! Who knew living in an apartment could afford you a quality of life your friends can only dream of.

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