7 Must-Haves for “Single” Apartment Renters

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Renting an apartment is often presumed to be just a “couple’s game” but there are thousands of “single” apartment renters who (whether by choice or necessity) have elected to live alone. So let’s hear it for those adventurous single men and women who live in bachelor or bachelorette pads on Long Island, Brooklyn or Queens. And here’s a list of must-haves to keep on hand whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro.

Game, Set, Match! (The Kitchen)

matching set of kitchen cups, plates and dishesWhen it comes to the kitchen in a bachelor or bachelorette’s apartment it is always important that you have matching glasses, dishes, coffee mugs and utensils. It may seem trivial now but if you have a party or a romantic dinner with a new friend, you’ll want to have a set of glasses that match (do not serve a possible ‘significant other’ a cocktail in a Mason jar or jelly holder) that’s a big no-no! A dinnerware set (with matching plates, silverware and glasses) can be purchased inexpensively at IKEA or other big box store- you may even find what you need at flea markets or garage sales.

Wishy Washy (The Bathroom)

First things first…you need to keep it clean! As for must-have products and supplies? Every washroom needs; matching towels (guys, no beach towels please), a shower curtain, spare toilet paper (conveniently displayed), hand towels and soap. In addition, hang a picture or two in the bathroom…it will make the space feel more inviting and comfortable.

Sleeping Beauty (The Bedroom)Bedroom at 568 Union Brooklyn NY

Tossing a comforter onto a mattress on the floor is not our idea of comfort…nor should it be yours! Traveling from apartment to apartment with a stock pile of quality sheets, matching blankets and quilts will make all the difference in the world when it comes to decorating and sleeping soundly. So, make sure your mattress has a sturdy frame and you cover it with high-thread-count sheets, matching blanket, throw pillows and pillows for sleeping. Other must-haves’ for the bedroom include; night stands (where else are you going to charge your cell phone?), floor or table-top lamps and pictures for the walls.

I Can See Clearly (The Windows)

Some apartments for rent these days come with some sort of blinds or inexpensive window coverings but most do not. So don’t be that guy (or gal) who hangs sheets over the windows (and then tell yourself that “it’s only temporary” we all know that those sheets could be up there for months)! So be sure to measure the windows in your new apartment upon your first visit and be equipped with curtain rods and sets of curtains when you move in.

Broadcast News (The Living Room)

Somehow, no one knows quite why, but turning on a TV in your new apartment tends to give us all a feeling of comfort and stability. So if you don’t already have a TV of your own, be sure to pick up a TV and TV stand for your new apartment. Inexpensive TV’s can be found almost anywhere these days. Also be sure (when initially checking out the apartment of your choice) you make a mental note of where the cable comes in to the room and how much space you’ll need for the TV stand/entertainment center. Note: If you plan on hanging your TV on the wall, make sure with the landlord that mounting a bracket on the wall is permitted.

The Great Outdoors (Terrace or Balcony)

Did your new apartment come with outdoor space? Awesome! But don’t let this extra living space you’ve been afforded go to waste! Outfit your terrace or balcony with a couple of outdoor chairs, a wicker table, outdoor plants and (if allowed) small grill or outdoor lighting. Spending evenings outside can be healthy for the soul and make you feel more relaxed.

Go Green (The Apartment)

Beautiful Green Plant on Desk in an ApartmentNow that everything is in place it’s time to put the finishing touches on your apartment with some plants! Plants or even fresh flowers have a way of making the surrounding areas in your apartment feel more like a home (as opposed to a cold hotel or motel room). Plants are a great way to add some life (as well as) adding decoration to every room in your apartment.

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20 thoughts on “7 Must-Haves for “Single” Apartment Renters

  1. I am in need of an apartment and a way to furnish it and make it look much more elegant and put together. Like you mentioned, it is important to have a matching set of dishes so that if you are entertaining someone or a group of people you will be able to pull out a set of dishes rather than having to use mismatched dishes. Also, I think that it would be a good idea to make sure to find somewhere that has a lot of amenities nearby so that doing things like buying food for a group setting can be quick and easy.

    • Hi Dave, thanks for reading and thanks for your input. By the way, Heatherwood has lot’s of amenities (like you talked about above in your comment) for residents from pools to fitness centers and so much more. Thanks again for being a visitor to our blog.

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  3. All wonderful advice! Lots of natural light is so important when renting as a couple, or as a single person! Fortunately, one can get away with a smaller kitchen when they are cooking for a single person!

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