5 Techniques to Surviving the Holidays in Your Apartment

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Spreading holiday cheer in a large apartment building or complex can sometimes be difficult–especially when some of your neighbors may not have the same enthusiasm for the holiday season as you do. So here are some tips to help you survive the holiday season (as well as) things you can do to help spread goodwill and cheer in a community living environment.

Swap Shop
The holiday season seems to bring out the baker in us all. Whether you bake cookies, pies or cakes from scratch or you scoop pre-made dough onto a cookie sheet, sharing delicious delights with your neighbors is a great way to spread some holiday cheer! But there are some things you need to know before you knock on your neighbor’s door. Be aware some people may have allergies to nuts or chocolate and some folks might simply be watching their weight, so choose your shareable-holiday-treats wisely.

Patience is a Virtue
We all know stress levels during the holiday season can sometimes run pretty high, what with visitors coming-and-going, late night parties and so on. So if you are feeling stressed, try to understand your neighbors may be feeling the same way. So if a small problem does arise; take a moment, breathe and think before you act. Kindness and a smile can go a long way toward making the holidays a whole lot easier for everyone.

Giving Back
Getting presents during the holiday season is great, but some folks (whoever these aliens may be) think it is better to give than receive. In any case showing your appreciation to the staff at your apartment complex is always the right thing to do. But what is an appropriate gift to give a maintenance crew member? Or, in the case of New York City apartment complexes, what is the suitable gratuity for a Concierge, or Lifestyle Director? While many factors go into holiday gift giving, here are a few things for you to consider: The size of your building and your buildings’ staff, staff seniority, the length of time you’ve lived there, the quality of service you receive, your personal financial circumstances etc. Remember it’s not the size of the gift that counts.

You Gotta’ have Faith
It’s a fact, some residents in your apartment complex may be of different faiths and they may not celebrate the holidays during the same days and times that you do. So keep this in mind when sending out greeting cards, saying hello in the hallway, or adding faith specific decorations on the outside your apartment. Sometimes the path of least resistance is moderation.

A Random Act of Kindness during the holidays is something everyone can afford. So here’s a list of “little things” you can do to brighten someone’s holiday season! With permission from your landlord why not set up a wrapping station in your buildings lounge area or community center. Offering to wrap other tenants’ gifts is a simple way to spread joy (this works especially well for older residents who may need help with this sort of activity). Here’s another idea…offer to take Mrs. Jones’ dog out for a walk when the weather is just too cold for her to do so. Or, if you’re running out to the store, ask your neighbor if you can pick something up for them while you’re out. Finally, a real RAOK is the kind you’re not always expecting a compliment for in return for example; adding money to an expired parking meter, or bringing a shopping cart back to the corral, or buying a cup of coffee for a stranger in the drive thru.

Living in an apartment complex during the holidays is a great way to feel part of something bigger than just yourself…let’s put it this way, you’ll never be alone! From the Heatherwood family to yours…we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

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