5 Ingenious Ways to Choose the Best Unit In Your Apartment Building or Complex

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Apartment renters these days typically grab the first unit that is available, and often don’t consider the position–within the building or complex– their apartment will ultimately be located. Sure, it’s not always possible to get the unit you request, but here are some things to ask yourself while you’re out leasing your next apartment.

Sunrise, Sunset

544 Union, Williamsburg BrooklynDo you work at night and sleep during the day? If so, you’ll undoubtedly want to rent a unit with the bedroom facing away from the sunrise. Conversely, maybe you enjoy waking up with the sun in your face as you rise to greet each new day! Either way, while you’re out apartment hunting, ask your leasing agent, “Which way does this unit face?” Or you can ask, “Which side of the building receives the most sunlight during the summer?” You get the idea.



Noise Cancelling

After a hard day at work, is peace and quiet at the top of your list? Do you enjoy movie-nights on a regular basis? What about sleeping soundly? If all the activities you regularly take part-in require silence (or at least reduced noise), then be sure the unit you choose is facing well away from traffic or–at the very least–be sure the main roads that run along your building or complex are roads less traveled. Lastly, make sure your unit is not located by a noisy part of the complex (a children’s playground comes to mind). Doing this should save you time and aggravation after you move in; it may even extend your stay!


How Low Can You Go

There are so many types of apartment buildings and complexes all across Long Island, Brooklyn, or Queens to choose from. There are high-rise buildings, mid-rise structures, ranch style apartments and modest two-story apartment homes. So, before you head out to see that next available rental, consider your family’s needs and desires. Would living high-atop a city be too intense for you? Maybe keeping your feet on the ground more your style? There is no right-or-wrong choice when selecting your next apartment, just be sure the unit you choose fits in well with you and your family’s lifestyle. 



Just Walk Away

Heatherwood Apartments WalkwaysSure, easy access to your apartment could be the key to you lengthening your stay. But remember, if you like easy access to your unit (via a walkway, parking lot, or stairs) so will a lot of other renters! So, again, be sure to choose your location wisely. It is very possible if the entrance to your apartment (or worse, your bedroom window) is along a very busy walkway or parking structure, this could have an effect on the overall enjoyment of your apartment. So, If possible, position yourself away from entryways, walkways, stairways and/or sidewalks.



We’re Just Hanging OutBusiness Center at Tower 28 Long Island City, NY

Sure, being close to the amenities in your building or complex is really convenient, but being so close (to let’s say), the gym or community center may also come with some drawbacks. Remember, the gym is a social place where people meet and talk (sometimes for hours); will this disrupt your peace and quiet? What about residents heading back-and-forth to the community or business center? These locations tend to attract residents possibly; talking on the phone, holding meetings or commiserating with friends and neighbors? So try choosing a unit that might be a few extra steps to the amenities, but still far enough away so you may enjoy some peace and quiet while in your apartment.

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