Overlooked Items Every Apartment Renter Needs to Pack For Move-in Day!

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Everyone who moves into an apartment knows there are a few things they cannot live without such as; a TV, plates, forks, coffee maker and so on. But did you know there are a few items everyone forgets to pack that are “essential” to apartment style living.

Storage Wars

Basket for StorageNew apartment buildings and complexes these days are constructed with expansive closet and storage space for the modern day renter. But it’s those older complexes and buildings that were built with less than adequate storage for today’s materialistic apartment renter. So before you move-in your new apartment, plan on having extra “under-the-bed”, “over-the-door” or “stackable storage containers” for all your stuff.


Delicate Balance

Sure washers and dryers are the best way to get your clothes clean, but when it comes to “drying” your clothes we all know there are some items that simply need to be hung-to-dry. That’s where this idea comes in handy; be sure you have a drying rack or other portable/storable item that you can use to dry delicate sweaters or specialty clothing items. This is an always needed, most likely forgotten, item to pack when moving into a new apartment.

Rub a DubBeautifully Clean Shower

When it comes to the bathroom one figures that the shower and tub area comes complete with space for shampoos, soaps, conditioners, gels, scrubs and so on, but this is not always the case. Although your shower and tub area may be luxurious, the inside of shower encasement may need additional storage for all your beautification needs. So, when you visit your apartment for the first time, be sure to make a mental note: will I need a shower caddy? Soap dish or dispenser? Will I need a portable wall unit for bottles and scrubs? And so on. The last thing you want to do is have all your shower accessories on the floor of your tub while you shower. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget a bath mat or rug for the floor ‘outside’ your tub.



Table Lamp on NightstandSure your apartment comes with overhead lighting, but are you the type of renter who loves a well-lit room? If so, you’ll want to pack some decorative floor lamps both for decoration and for your quality of life. There is nothing worse than living in a dimly-lit-apartment whether it is where you’ll eat all your meals, where you’ll work on your hobby, or where your kids will do their homework. Floor lamps and table top lighting will help you feel more at home in your next apartment.


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Hooks, Wire, Tape and More

Remember a studio or 1 bedroom apartment may be small but they become infinitely smaller when your draws and cabinets are full to the brim with things you could be hanging on hooks, or storing in baskets or totes. So, before move-in day be sure to pack plenty of Command© hooks, storage baskets, draw dividers and stackable containers to help keep your (limited) storage areas clean, neat and tidy. A small hammer, screwdriver and wrenches are also handy items to pack.

Cleaning SuppliesMops, Broomes, Cleaning Supplies

We know that renting a luxury apartment on Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens from Heatherwood automatically comes with a clean, fresh, organized, fully functional unit, pristine and move-in ready! We also know there are some of us simply love to clean and re-clean again, so be sure to bring all the cleaning utensils and cleaners, buckets, sponges and brushes you’ll need to bring the unit up to your standards. 


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Garbage Bags

Moving in to a new apartment is super exciting for you and your family. Therefore you know relatives and friends will be giving you house-warming gifts for your new place. So, be sure to pack construction grade garbage bags to dispose of packing materials, empty containers and zip ties. Bonus Tip: If you’re moving into a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, be sure you have small garbage cans for each of the bedrooms. And, if you have one or more bathrooms in your unit, be sure you have small receptacles for these rooms too!

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  1. It may be overwhelming or a challenge to feel equipped in a new place. When walking through the isles, there are products for all different reasons..
    I mean there may be a good reason to buy a banana slicer, but some things just aren’t a necessary compared to other items. Thanks for the suggestion!


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