Declutter and Donate: Spring Cleaning with a Purpose!

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A blog post with two parts! Spring cleaning and decluttering tips for your apartment, followed by exactly what you can do with all the stuff you just cleaned and decluttered!

Decluttering TipsDresses in a Closet

Here are some simple rules you can use to help you decide what’s cluttering up your apartment and what you should keep around till next spring.

  • If you haven’t worn (that jersey, dance skirt, or ratty sweatshirt) in 6 to 8 months, it’s should probably go on the ‘donate’ or ‘garbage’ pile.
  • Duplicates. If you’ve got two of them…get ready to give one away. (No one really needs two pizza cutters do they?).
  • Digitize all your printed memorabilia, old photos and photo books. This can really help free-up valuable storage space.
  • If it’s expired (i.e., can goods or pasta), recycle the cans or simply toss the expired food in the trash.
  • If it’s broken and you haven’t repaired it, more than likely it probably won’t be fixed. Time to give it the ole’ heave ho!
  • Cameras, video games and other digital electronics you have lying around have probably all been replaced by your smartphone…time for these to go too! BONUS TIP: Electronic items should not be tossed in the regular garbage; these should be brought to your local recycling center for proper disposal.
  • Take it from the Top! This means whatever sits atop your nightstand, your dresser and your TV stand should be considered clutter. If it’s outdated, out of style, or just collecting dust, these items are on the chopping block.
  • Look under the bed. Just because its out-of-sight doesn’t mean it’s not cluttering up your apartment. Look under the bed for all those things you’ve ditched under there during the year. Old shoes, empty boxes and magazines, these items should all be cleared out.
  • That junk draw! Expired coupons, twisty ties, old wallets, take-out menus, receipts and the like, should be thrown away.
  • Last tip for decluttering? Actually putting things away! Stacking, storing and simply putting things away can help tremendously. That pile of laundry you’ve been planning to put away for weeks should probably be taken care of today.

More Spring Cleaning Tips

Hands in A Circle Depicts Teamwork


Donate or Recycle: Here’s Some Places You Can Do It!

Here’s a brief list of places in your area where you can donate all the items you’ve just decluttered from your apartment.

Got Toys?

Toys of Hope, Founded in 1994, is New York's favorite charity that supports over 65,000 needy children, their families and their pets every year.

The Patron Saint of Charity

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, headquartered in Bethpage, NY will pick up clothes and furniture in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. They accept furniture and other household items that are in “usable condition” and do not require any repairs.

Donate Clothing in NYC

New York Cares has many ways you can donate, whether personally, through your company, or through their many pre-existing programs like; the Winter Wishes program, the New York Cares Coat Drive, or their Citywide Day of Service.

The Bowery Mission

The Bowery Mission gratefully accepts donations Monday – Saturday, 7am – 7pm at the front desk of the Bowery campus (227 Bowery, Manhattan). If you have any questions regarding a donation, you can email [email protected].

Goodwill of NY and NJ

Goodwill has donation centers across Long Island, in New York and New Jersey. When you donate your items to Goodwill, that merchandise is sold in their stores to help support programs that empower individuals and help them gain independence through the power of work. This is a win-win!

Donation Bins

Lastly, you’ve seen these donation bins scattered across the City and Long Island. These are convenient when you don’t have too much to donate. Simply take your gently used clothing and materials to one of these conveniently placed bins in your area. And be sure to package them up nicely before you drop them off. Don’t just toss your donations into the bin all crumpled and haphazard. Believe us, it does make a difference.

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