Moving from a House to a Luxury Apartment: Advice from the Pros

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Prevailing wisdom dictates that families typically move from an apartment to a house. But this is not always the case! It is becoming more and more widespread that families are moving from a house to an apartment. It’s true! Maybe the kids are grown and a large house, well…is just too large! Or, the maintenance and upkeep in and around the home is just too much. Not to worry, Heatherwood helps folks transition from a house to luxury apartments every day! Below are some great tips for downsizing, moving and settling-in to your new luxury apartment.


Before We Begin, Here are a Few Things to Keep in Mind.

  • You’ll have less space.
  • Your existing pet/s may not be allowed in.
  • You’ll have little to no yard (but you may get a terrace or patio!).
  • You’ll have less storage space.

On the Upside!

  • You’ll have your choice of 1st class amenities! Which may include; a Pool, a Fitness Center, Tennis Courts, Lounges, Community Centers, Sundecks, Golf Courses and more!
  • You’ll get a built-in community with new friends and neighbors!
  • You’ll feel more safe & secure.
  • Less to clean, more free-time to enjoy!

[Floor]Plan Ahead!Tower 28 Floorplan

Sure downsizing can be intimidating, but Heatherwood provides layouts and floorplans for each of the units we rent. Taking a look at room sizes and room layouts will definitely help you decide which of your treasured items, or furniture pieces, you can take with you and which items you can leave behind. Not to worry, some of Heatherwood’s Long Island Apartment complexes also come with garages that are available to rent. Some units even come with full basements for all your storage needs!


Read the Lease.

Owning a home usually puts you in charge of the rules your family will follow. But living in an apartment complex on Long Island (or a luxury building in Long Island City or Brooklyn) often comes with rules and guidelines you may not be accustomed to following. But, there is an easy solution! Simply read the lease agreement provided by your leasing agent or landlord. Learn the rules regarding pets, parties, parking, curfews, etc.



Yard Sale Baby!old furniture

When getting ready to move from your house to your apartment, be sure to plan your yard or estate-sale before your move. This will help you free yourself of those items you can’t take with you (or the things you’ve been just dying to ditch)! This is also a great way to make moving-day easier and put extra cash in your pocket along the way!



Who can it Be Now?

When it comes to being safe and secure, most homeowners usually install security systems, fences, locks, cameras…the list goes on and on. This is both costly and cumbersome. But living in a luxury apartment rental often comes with security and safety mechanisms already built-in and included with your monthly rent! Things like gated entrances, pass-key access to doors and entryways, parking lot security, front desk associates and/or concierge staff.


Never Give Up.

Jewelry MakingRemember, moving into an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you enjoy! Are you an aspiring writer? There is always space in your new apartment for a dedicated writing area (just add a small desk and laptop and you’re good to go). Or maybe you enjoy jewelry making. No problem, just choose a bedroom (or spare room) large enough to accommodate your tools and tables. Moving into an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you love; this is an opportunity to set them up in a new and more productive way!



As you can see there are benefits to moving from a house to an apartment. Most renters on Long Island and New York City actually prefer it! For more information on moving day, lease agreements or entertaining in your apartment, be sure to follow our blog or come back to this page often for more great tips and tricks for apartment living.

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