Halloween Celebrations for Apartment Renters During Covid-19

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Halloween is by no means cancelled this year, we just need to be a bit more creative on how we are going to celebrate. There are plenty of ways to scare up a trick or treating celebration around your home this year, here’s some ideas on how to do it!


eating popcornHost a Scary Movie Marathon

This is an easy way to celebrate with the ones you love. It is a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween while remaining socially distant. Of course, PG-13 and R rated features may not work for the little ones, but there are always G rated selections you can choose to make it fun for the underage children in your group. Remember to take out the Carmel flavored popcorn and candy corn for snacking.



Pumpkin Egg Hunt?pumpkin eggs


We know pumpkins don’t lay eggs, but there are ways to easily set up a candy scavenger hunt in the areas around your apartment or complex. Party stores this year are stocking up on Halloween style candy holders specifically made for this activity. Or, if you have leftover plastic eggs from Easter, here’s a two-pronged idea; have the kids decorate the eggs in scary ways and fill them with their favorite tricks (plastic spiders?) or treats (fun size snickers are our favorite). Find places within your apartment or around the complex and let the hunt begin!



pumpkin carving
Pumpkin Carving Parties

Grab a large 6-foot table (or two) and set up pumpkin carving stations for your kids and their friends! Of course, you’ll be doing this activity outside (so all the kids can stay 6 feet apart). And, as we all know carving pumpkins is fun (but messy), so performing this activity outside saves you the hassle of cleaning your kitchen floor after it’s all said and done. Award prizes for participation or just hand out the treats to everyone!



Tips for the upcoming Holiday Season


scary face mask

Facemask Decorating Part

Every day is mask day during a pandemic, so why not host a “Facemask Decorating Event” this year!?! This activity can be performed outside where kids can decorate their facemasks in their own creative and spooky ways. Remember to take photos and tag us #heatherwoodhalloween in your posts.





Costume Parades
costume parade

A costume parade is a great way for kids to strut their stuff while remaining socially distant and safe. Set up a time with your neighbors (and superintendent of your building or community) and have the kids parade themselves all around the complex. We are sure photos and videos will be taken that you can share on your favorite social networks, be sure to tag #heatherwoodhalloween when you do.





Drive-Through Haunted Houseshaunted house

We are all familiar with the Drive-Thru Holiday Light Extravaganzas during the Christmas holiday season, but Drive-Thru Haunted Houses are popping up all over Long Island and New York City. Look for these on your favorite event calendar pages and make your reservation for a scare-fest that’s safe and socially distant!


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pumpkin patchPumpkin Patch and Apple Picking

Pumpkin picking and apple picking are activities that are tried-and-true fall events that still check all the boxes when it comes to safe and socially distant activities. Apple and pumpkin picking are most often held outdoors, so you can remain socially distant from others. This is also a great place to show off your favorite Halloween themed masks! Remember to bring along hand sanitizer and wipes as well as a picnic lunch! Note: Pumpkin patches these days may be taking reservations to keep crowds down at their locations, be sure to call ahead.



Virtual Costume Partiesscary zoom call

Lastly, by now we should all be pros at video conferencing and chatting with friends via Zoom, Skype, and so on. This year keep a lookout for, or host your own, “Virtual Costume Party” with friends and family! You can award prizes for the most unique and clever costume or create a Halloween movie trivia game to keep the party virtually moving! 



These are just some of the ideas we’ve come up with to help you celebrate this Halloween in a fun and safe way! Who knows, these ideas may one day become your own family tradition! Don’t forget to tag us on social media with all your Halloween happenings. #heatherwoodhalloween 

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