Apartment Design Trends for 2021

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It’s that time of year again when Heatherwood Luxury Rentals rolls out its “Apartment Design Trends” list for 2021!


Add a Pop!decorative pillows


Interior design trends have always favored white. It’s a fact that white walls help brighten every room in your apartment. White kitchens cabinets and white bathrooms also help give your apartment a clean, polished look. The coming year is no different, the trend for 2021 has designers adding a pop of color to every interior. So, go ahead, add a large blue chair as an “accent” to your living room, or add a red tea kettle to your kitchen decor. These items add style, and flavor to every room! Lastly, the trend next year is not to settle for regular stock blues, reds or greens. Rather, you should choose deeper blues, aqua, maroon, teal or jade-these colors are the way to go! Think outside-the-box, but don’t overdo it. Remember, you’re just adding a pop of color in 2021!


minimilist kitchenSimple/Minimalism

While we’ve seen this design trend before, now more than ever, minimalism appears as if, it is here to stay! Not only has minimalism become a lifestyle for many apartment renters, it has also become a great way to help preserve the environment. We won’t get into the benefits a minimalist lifestyle has on the world around us but suffice it to say; an indoor minimalistic décor strategy has its advantages. There is less to clean, there’s more room to roam around inside your unit, and “living small” will make moving a heck of a lot easier!



Books, Books & Books!

Being locked down during COVID-19 has given us all a chance to catch up on our reading. More and more apartment renters books in libraryhave also seen their book collections grow exponentially over the past 8 months. It’s good thing too because 2021 design trends dictate that large bookshelves and rows and rows of books is the new wall art! Bookshelves are also great for soundproofing an apartment (as shelves full of books can act as a sound barrier between you and the apartment next door). Remember, bookshelves can also hold everything from your latest collectors’ items, to photos frames, or your very own reference library.


Super-Size Your Décor

red chair
Go ahead, make a statement! This design trend is always in, but this year, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike can revel in the fact that “statement pieces” from floor to ceiling are on the rise! Search for a large oversized, but useful, piece to hang on your wall, or maybe place an easy chair that is a bit different from the rest of your décor. Position these items, [like a large wall clock or your favorite artists’ piece] inside your living area or den. It’ll spark a conversation, or simply show off your personality! No other design trend for 2021 shows exactly who you are more than this one right here!



Wood Is Happenin’live edge table

Next year, light woods, distressed lumber and untreated oaks are huge!
Kitchen tables with rustic, raw, sandblasted legs are all the rage for the upcoming year. “Live edge” table tops or shelving are very popular too, and these items can often be found at yard sales and lumber yards for easy upcycling for your apartment! Natural materials with warm finishes or dark metal handles or supports provide a very modern/industrial feel which is also a hot trend for the new year!


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