3 Lessons Apartment Renters Can Learn by Watching Seinfeld!

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The Reverse Peephole

peepholeIn this episode Kramer and Newman decide to make a slight alternation to their living arrangements. They first admit that they are “such good friends” and “they have nothing to hide” from one another. They soon conspire to “reverse the peepholes” in the doors of their apartments, this way they can look in on each other whenever they want.

While this may make for a charming premise for a TV show, the lesson to be learned here is; making unauthorized alterations to your apartment while renting, may be a breach of your lease agreement, and could land you in hot water. While some slight alterations to the inside of your apartment may be allowed, major renovations or structural improvements inside your unit may be denied. Review a copy of your agreement at the time you sign your lease, ask questions to find out exactly what’s allowed and what isn’t.

The Keys

In this episode Jerry and Kramer have a falling-out. Kramer, as keeper of Jerry’s spare apartment keys, oversteps his bounds by running wild in Jerry’skeys in someone's hand apartment while Jerry is not at home. Jerry, clearly frustrated with Kramer, takes back his spare keys and…, hilarity ensues!

This episode can teach an important lesson to apartment renters about how to handle their apartment keys. Sure, being locked out of your apartment can be frustrating, but leaving a neighbor with a spare key to your apartment is not always the best idea. Not only does this give them access to your apartment when you’re not there, but it can, in some cases, be a breach of contract (check your lease agreement for specifics on this topic). A better idea! Make a copy of your key (again, refer to your specific lease agreement for consent), and leave it with a “trusted family member,” preferably someone who lives nearby-whom you can contact in an emergency for quick retrieval. Bonus Tip: leaving a spare key outside your apartment is not always the best idea either. Those “hide-a-key” solutions are quite common and very easy to spot.

The Dog

large fuzzy dogIn this episode Jerry learns all too well what it is like to keep a dog in his apartment. “Farfel the dog” becomes the bane of Jerry’s existence as a chance meeting-with a strange man-results in Jerry having to take care of a pooch that is loud, messy and obnoxious! The lesson here?

Think twice before you bring a seemingly lovable pet into your apartment. Ask yourselves these questions: will your dogs’ loud barking and playing ‘round the apartment, disturb your neighbors? Are you prepared to take the dog out for walks at night when you’re all settled in for a cozy winter’s nap? In addition, did you know your social life will change by having a pet? It’s true! There is always a give-and-take when bringing pets into your apartment. So be prepared, weigh your options and decide accordingly. Bonus Tip: most apartment rental complexes these days will charge you an additional fee per month to house your pet, so be prepared to ask about these fees at your lease signing.


Notes about Nothing

While watching Seinfeld was never intended to be an educational experience, we can learn a thing or two about the world of apartment living. One, there are always rules and basic human interactions that come with living together in a communal environment such as a luxury apartment building or sprawling country complex. And two, it’s always best to be kind to each other, share space respectfully and always be there for your neighbors. Okay, yes, even if it is Newman.

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