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Keep Your Apartment Clean and Neat With These great Tips from Heatherwood.

Apartment Design Trends for 2020

As we head into a new year-and a new decade-it’s time to put your best “look” forward (even if it is just inside your apartment). Trends for the new decade are upon us and now’s the time to make ‘your’ apartment a home your neighbors will envy! Here’s the latest apartment design trends you’ll be…

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Apartment renters are always looking to take the road less cluttered. Whether you’re living in an apartment in Brooklyn, Queens or on Long Island, storage room is a crucial factor when it comes to having an organized home. All residents of Heatherwood Luxury Rentals are guaranteed closet space, but that’s no reason to stuff your…

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Declutter and Donate: Spring Cleaning with a Purpose!

A blog post with two parts! Spring cleaning and decluttering tips for your apartment, followed by exactly what you can do with all the stuff you just cleaned and decluttered! Decluttering Tips Here are some simple rules you can use to help you decide what’s cluttering up your apartment and what you should keep around…

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21 Online Resources for Apartment Renters in need of Decorating Advice

You’ve just landed the perfect apartment, in the best location, with affordable rent. Now the hard part; decorating your new space! Below are various resources first time apartment renters can use to help them decorate their new space like a pro! Let TV be your Guide Are you still binge watching Ray Donovan? If so,…

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5 Ways to Save Money on the Electric Bill in Your Apartment

Moving in to your first apartment is both exciting and scary. Heatherwood knows paying rent and all your own bills can be intimidating. But don’t worry we have some sure fire ways to help you save on your electric bill so you can spend your money on more important things like food and unlimited data!…

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Top 5 Reasons why Renting an Apartment Is Better than Owning a Home

For some people owning a home is heaven, for some…its torture! Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why renting an apartment on Long Island or in NYC is considerably better than owning a home. “The Grass is always Greener:” Never has this proverb rung more true than while you’re living in…

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