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Tips on Hiding Holiday Gifts in Your Apartment

Storage and closet space has been a life-long problem for homeowners and apartment renters alike. Let’s face it every home (apartment or not) can always use more storage space. Which begs the question, what do you do around the holidays when trying to hide those holiday gifts from prying-eyes? Well here’s a quick list of…

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5 Techniques to Surviving the Holidays in Your Apartment

Spreading holiday cheer in a large apartment building or complex can sometimes be difficult–especially when some of your neighbors may not have the same enthusiasm for the holiday season as you do. So here are some tips to help you survive the holiday season (as well as) things you can do to help spread goodwill…

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Entertaining for the Holidays in your Apartment in Five Easy Steps!

It’s that special time of year…good food, gifts, cookies, holiday cheer and…an endless stream of guests!! But just because you live in a Long Island apartment or NYC luxury rental, that doesn’t mean there’s no room to host a family get-together or a holiday party with friends. Below are some great tips for entertaining for the…

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